About Us

Delta Kappa Alpha was first organized in 1935 as a Professional Cinematography Fraternity for men. Receiving its National Charter, the Fraternity was founded on March 16, 1936, in Bridge Hall of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.

Delta Kappa Alpha was founded by ten men. These ten men agreed on the name Delta Kappa Alpha because it was the reverse of the initials of the leading Founder and first President, Allen K. Dallas, they determined that each letter will stand for a basic art of the Cinema – Dramatic (Delta), Kinematic (Kappa), and Aesthetic (Alpha).

Two years later, in March, 1938, they established the National Board of Officers, with Jack McClelland serving as the first National President.

Delta Kappa Alpha expanded in 1949 when a Beta Chapter formed at Boston University. Additional chapters were established at Gamma Chapter at NYU in 1950, and Delta Chapter at UCLA in 1953. By 1979, all of the chapters deactivated because the National Fraternity lacked an Executive Office, keeping it from surviving the anti-establishment period that shut down chapters and Greek organizations across the country. Former National President and National Secretary Herbert E. Farmer protected the Fraternity’s History through his well-preserved Archive. This made it possible for the Fraternity to be resurrected at the University of Southern California in 2009 by Grace Lee and Hillary Levi. Now the Fraternity thrives with its overhauled and improved national structure, passionate membership, and close-knit alumni.

If you'd like to know about the members of the Epsilon Chapter at SFSU, please check out our Meet the Members page.


Allen K. Dallas, William A. Halpern, John W. Findlater, Donald Fischer, Jack H. McClelland, Terry Bissinger, Robert V. Rogers, Louis Tarleton, Robert Turner, Peter Kinnel.